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Thank you for signing up, fellow book lover! New Releases Books and The City. These six omnibuses will be paperback editions.

The Collected Short Stories of Louis L’Amour, Volume 1

An omnibus collecting the non-canonical Weird Tales stories, as well as two canonical short stories. It came out November in hardcover. On March 18th, , Multiversity Comics exclusively announced the details for the first Witchfinder omnibus. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save. This was a fun story and I can see it being realistic maybe in 50 years. Rob is great at reading his own stuff. The only thing that would make me move my rating from a 4. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Thanks Rob! And keep up the great work!

I look forward to more and more stories. View 2 comments. Mar 07, Ammon rated it really liked it. Let me start this by saying that I am a fan of short stories and even short story collections.

I like stories that end, except for the Lord of the Rings. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Christopher Tolkien "unearths" something else JRR never got around to publishing in his day. I've read and enjoyed all of Dircks work released to date and this collection of short stories will feel familiar to anyone who's already read or listened to his Telsa books, You're Going to Mars , or The Wrong Unit. I find most short story collections to be. Usually, you get a mixed bag, in terms of quality, with only a couple of above average stories tossed in.

Listen to the Signal is a minor exception. There are no stinkers here, but the stories do range in quality from good, to very good, to very very good.

The best way to describe this collection is to say that it's like Philip K. Dick, but with a sense of humor. You've got stories about aliens, robots and AI, time travel, the effects of living in space on human DNA, and even a yarn about a candy crush clone, all in one package. These stories are a reminder that even though life may be resembling a science fiction future, life is still precious. Also, life is funny. Unless you view spoiler [get bit on the rear by an evil tick hide spoiler ]. Then it's not funny, it's terrifying. Given that these are literally short stories, I can't review too much without spoiling them individually.

I'll settle for talking about my favorite story from Listen. My favorite story in this collection centered a character who hates his job relatable, right? In a world where the singularity has already happened, he spends his workdays teaching AIs to be more human not as relatable, but interesting. This story managed to be humorous, relevant this is an actual job you can get now , and touching. Before and in between stories, Dircks provides insight into his creative process and shares some of the experiences that resulted in each work.

I enjoyed this peek behind the scenes.

Something Scary Vol. 1 - Urban Legend Story Time Compilation // Something Scary - Snarled

Not every author should also handle narration chores for their books except for Neil Gaiman -- he should always narrate his books. That said, Dircks does an admirable job reading his text. There was a distinction between his expository interludes and when he was actually performing that felt natural and I appreciated that as a listener. There is no one writing scifi as well as Rob Dircks right now, and this short story collection proves it. I listened to all of these stories when they originally came out on his podcast, and was blown away every time by the quality of his writing and his mastery of the short story form.

He knows the tropes and how to subvert them. He can build a world in a few paragraphs so that you understand it intuitively. He creates characters that are uniquely relatable and gosh darn it, he's funny to boot. That is when he is not making me tear up. Add to all that the fact that he does a terrific job narrating his own stories and you have a very appealing package. But now that I have been able to re-listen to all the stories again via this collection, hearing them all together rather than strung out over a series of months, I perceived something I had not noticed before.

Something that unites not only these stories but also his novels. Something special that only Rob Dircks can deliver. It's a sweetness, a love of life and humanity, that shines through all of his characters and all of his imaginary worlds. I feel instantly better when I finish something he has written, I feel uplifted and hopeful. What a wonderful gift Rob has to allow us to see the good in one another, and how lucky we are that he is sharing it with us through his art. Can't wait for the next collection. I think Rob Dircks is a genius.

Either that, or he's on some seriously good drugs. Honestly, I think his imagination is pretty stupendous, and I'm definitely a fan. This is a collection of short stories that Dircks narrates himself, which adds to the entertainment value. He's a pretty good narrator, and of course, it's his own work. He knows how to pronounce all the words, when to put emphasis on the correct parts, and what emotion he was going for.

Additionally, his short introductions to the st I think Rob Dircks is a genius. Additionally, his short introductions to the stories add dimension and interest. I did take his advice and split up the stories so I could think about them individually; a good tip. I can't decide which story was my favorite because it was such a mixed bag of plots: aliens, twin astronauts, time travel, artificial intelligence, the human apocalypse, addictive video games. The most clever story, in my opinion, included humor most do and pathos and plot twists.

What else do you need? A truly enjoyable collection, and I hope he continues to write short stories along with the novels. I received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review. This is a great collection of Sci-Fi short stories. While some of the stories are merely good others are really brilliant. I would definitely recommend this collection to anyone who likes SciFi and I'm looking forward to Volume 2. Ha ha ha. Jokes aside, there have been a few books I have come across that actually do spike my interest to overlook the genre and this is definitely one of those rarities.

This collection of quick short stories reads exactly like a podcast no surprise since the author is a podcaster. But I found that I enjoyed the writing style and voice. The majority of the stories kept my interest and the minute I started one I HAD to finish it to see what would happen. Overall, it was a quick read that did so what both books and podcasts alike set out to do, entertain me.

Something Like Stories - Volume 1 | Jay Bell Books

I won a digital copy in a Goodreads Giveaway and was happy to get to step out of my usual reading comfort zone. The review above is done with complete honesty. Apr 08, Amber DuBois rated it it was amazing.