Candy Town: A Childrens Halloween Story (The Magic Feather)

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Task 3. Reward 1. Harvest Red Spider Lily 10 mins.

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Harvest Ghost Plant 10 mins. Halloween Candy Pinata. Crop Alternative: None.. You are wonderful! Thank you!

You wouldn't beleive what happens next! Harvest Blue Rocket 30 mins. Harvest Corpse Lily 30 mins. Pumpkin Stack. Thanks a lot farmer! He gets spooked to find his son under the bed again asking him to check for the monster on top of it! Harvest Bizzare Bulbs 6 hrs. Harvest Red Cockscomb 8 hrs. Sorcerer Rabbit. Thanks Farmer!

Are you ready? Harvest Dyckia 8 hrs. Harvest Black Parrot Tulip 9 hrs 30 mins. Cute Halloween Cat.

He dreams about someone watching him from outside the bedroom. Let's see what happens next! Harvest Nightmare Broccoli 12 hrs.

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Harvest Oleander Flower 12 hrs. Halloween Banner. Morton's lettuce, and his chickens pecks holes in Mr. Grady's tomatoes, Mr. Morton and Mr. Grady decide that William should try his hand at raising a pig. The St.

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The Story of Old Father Gravity. A story that goes back to the very, very, very first of all beginnings before the earth was formed when everything was just a big mess and Father Gravity was called upon by Mother Nature to form the Earth. Appears in: Claudy, C. Arachne's Gift.

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A literate and nicely retold version of the traditional Greek Myth of how the first spider came to be. Appears in: Climo, Shirley. In the hills of the Ozarks, Zachary Dee is so poor he just can't see how he could court Sally-Maud until Aunty Longlegs gives him and surefire idea for winning Sally-Maud's heart. The Enchanted Hare. A very nice retelling of a traditional Norse legend about a young girl who finds a frozen bird during a long cold winter and calls upon Eostre, the Bringer of Spring, to help save the bird. What Eostre does explains the origin of the tradition of the Easter rabbit.

The Cobweb Christmas. Every Christmas old Tante cuts a tree and decorates it with presents for the village children and farm creatures.

Manual Candy Town: A Childrens Halloween Story (The Magic Feather)

Then one Christmas as Christkindel is passing by the spiders ask him to open Tante's door so that they can see Christmas. Creeping quietly past a snoring Tante, they soon have the tree spun with magnificent webs which Christkindel turns to tinsel of gold and silver giving old Tante a special gift in return for her generosity.

A Runaway Train. Two telegraphs operators know the only way to stop a runaway train is to get ahead of it on a handcar and when it slows near the top of a rise, jump aboard. Grades: 5, 6, 7 4 Stars. The Lifting Stone. Mandy Jane's older sister was to be betrothed to the first person who could remove the giant stone from the middle of their field.

Mandy felt secure that she could keep her sister at home since only she had figured out how to move the stone. What Happened at School Last Wednesday? Cotton and Rooster decide to try to pig riding before heading to school but they get cornered by Old Lop Ear - the meanest, orneriest, ugliest hog in the west half of Arkansas and never do make it to school. Musical introduction by Caleb Summeril Grades: 3, 4, 5 4 Stars.

The Honey Tree. The continued adventure of Cotton and Rooster as they decide to get the honey from the honey tree they discovered. Unfortunately Garvey Bockenweiler beats them to it and he hates everything in general and kids in particular. The Pups' First Hunt.