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Directed by John Boorman, the movie was nominated for three Oscars, including best picture, and was a box office hit.

Deliverance (4/9) Movie CLIP - Arrow Through the Heart (1972) HD

Reynolds, who was 36 years old then, recounted one perilous scene in which he was thrown free of his canoe and sent skidding down a cascade wild, white water. The scene was first shot with a dummy, which in daily film clips appeared unconvincing.

5 Things You Might Not Know About ‘Deliverance,’ Released 40 Years Ago Today

So Reynolds, a former stuntman, volunteered to run the rapids himself. Underwater, Reynolds quickly remembered the advice of a colleague: if you get caught in a hydro-flow, swim to the bottom and it will shoot you out. They looked down and saw this nude man who looked 75 or so, crippled, walking along, coming back.


It tore every piece of clothing I had off, including the high-top boots. Dickey, who died in , was ultimately asked by Boorman to leave but invited to return at the end of the shoot for a cameo role as a cop. The Deliverance was built of both wood salvaged from Sea Venture ribs, beams, and prow and Bermuda cedar planking and decking.

Patience was entirely built of Bermuda cedar with only one iron bolt from the Sea Venture. The St.

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Visitors can go on board and imagine what it was like to be a 17 th century passenger crammed in the narrow decks with cargo below and the main deck above. New to the Deliverance is an entrance door located in the starboard hull which is designed to allow people who are physically challenged to have access to below decks where they can view displays and hear our automatronic character of William Strachey tell the tale of survival of the castaways in and the eventual rescue of the starvbing settlers in Jamestown. While The Deliverance is being restored, the attraction is intermittently open to the public with complimentary admission donations are gratefully accepted.

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