Die Debatte um den EU-Beitritt der Türkei (German Edition)

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Daarbij verdient de afgeleide economische macht van een decennium van AKP-dominantie zeker de nauwlettende Europese aandacht. De geldkraan van de Turkse overheid — meer dan 40 miljard euro jaarlijks aan openbare aanbestedingen — legt zowel aan de publieke als aan de private media bijkans het zwijgen op over ernstige corruptiezaken.

Dat zijn onze bazen die belangen hebben in alle sectoren van de economie. Onze berichtgeving mag die belangen niet in de weg staan. Dus we rapporteren niet over corruptie. Zeker, Turkije kent gelukkig nog genoeg kritische media. Al in kwamen daardoor niet minder dan gevallen van AKP-manipulaties met openbare aanbestedingen aan het licht. Punt is echter dat de hoofdschuldige niet alleen vrijuit ging, maar vandaag de dag zelfs deel uitmaakt van het kabinet-Erdogan! En volgende week komt hij naar Brussel toe!

PDF EU-Beitritt der Türkei (German Edition)

Juist de massale, natiewijde protesten van de afgelopen weken zouden de AKP tot zelfreiniging moeten nopen. Eerlijkheid duurt het langst, luidt een Nederlands spreekwoord. Ook voor de Turkse samenleving. In deze open geest kijk ik ook uit naar de delegatiegesprekken volgende week op het grondgebied van de Republiek Turkije. Ewald Stadler NI. Most alarmingly, systematic and excessive police violence, as well as broken promises, bribery and threats.

Four people have been killed, thousands are suffering from injuries, thousands more have been detained in questionable conditions, including the lawyers that stood up for the protestors yesterday. Most of this is not reported in Turkey because of downright censorship.

Pro und Contra: EU-Beitrittsgespräche mit der Türkei stoppen?

We have witnessed signs of increasing authoritarianism and of shrinking space for civil society and those who have chosen a different lifestyle. Our stance is as clear as that of the protestors. Police aggression must be stopped and investigated, cultural and historic sites have to be preserved, arrested protestors must be released without charges, a dialogue and debate must take place for a healthy civil society and opposition, possibly with the help of the EEAS. Turkey has to comply with its international and European obligations.

They have been largely peaceful: pots and pans have been used to voice concern. But the government, which presents itself as full of ambition and confidence internationally, must act responsibly. They must urge restraint in police violence and see dialogues and reforms. This does not mean arresting lawyers, fining the media and inciting people. Personal threats by the President, the Prime Minister and the AKP party towards the media, social media, financial institutions and all of the citizens that they claim to represent is worrying, dangerous and misguided.

We have addressed the problems with the rule of law, separation of powers, fundamental rights and the need to respect the rights of women and the media. Turkey needs to respect pluralism and freedoms and strive to be a liberal democracy, not an illiberal one.

Sie wird es auch nicht werden! Prime Minister, yes, we do condemn the violent crackdown on the protestors, and I join the High Representative in calling for the police responsible to be brought to justice. But please do not dismiss our criticisms as some form of international conspiracy against you. My group has welcomed progress made on judicial reform and on the Kurdish issue, but your response to this crisis shows the need for further reforms of the police, on freedom of expression and of assembly.

It is why we regret your cool words about Europe last Friday and why we argue for the opening of chapters 23 and 24 to enable us to join with you in building democracy and respect for human rights in your country. You cannot extinguish the memory of being made a political prisoner yourself by putting your own political opponents in jail today. You must recognise that if your media is silent, we cannot do the same.


Prime Minister, apologise to the protestors. These are young people, trade unionists, environmentalists and civil society groups, who strengthen democracy through their actions. I appeal to you to show statesmanship, not just by meeting them today, but by genuinely conciliating the demands of all who express legitimate opposition in your society. Thank you. I was proud to co-author and negotiate the resolution we are debating now.

On behalf of the Socialist and Democrat Group, I say that this was a protest that started with tree-huggers but is now one in which, across Europe, we should all embrace those who uphold democratic pluralism in the country we love, Turkey. The feeling deep down is the same; the reaction is against governments imposing their preferred lifestyles on the citizens. We need pluralism and democracy for everyone.

This strategy underestimates the resilience of national voter allegiances. This policy risks weakening the collective EU institutions. In its less radical version, this approach relies on maintaining the division of functions between EU and NATO — an assumption that has been challenged by the new US President.

Which of these policy approaches will be realized depends on the composition of the future governing coalition. None of them provides a silver bullet for solving the problem of translating German into EU power within a less permissive European political environment. However, their associated risks differ significantly and a more reflective debate is needed to highlight these differences.

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The official aim of this visit was to discuss the security situation and options for a military-technical cooperation between Serbia and Russia. Patrushev also proposed a memorandum of understanding on a security cooperation between Serbia and Russia. The visit coincided with the news that Montenegrin and Serbian police arrested two groups of Serbian citizens who are suspected of preparing a coup against the government of Montenegro.

The government has claimed that Russia was financing and supporting the DF.

Kopftücher, Generäle und türkische Demokratie

Details from the ongoing investigations against the suspected coup-plotters indicate an involvement of Russian actors. NATO would not categorically oppose a cooperation between Russia and Serbia, but would probably review the extent to which it shares sensitive information with Serbia in its Individual Partnership Action Plan, particularly if the envisaged Russian-Serbian cooperation will also include security services.

However, since the Belgrade government is aware of the resonance a memorandum of understanding would cause in the West, it will probably seek to dilute its content and status. Given the current tensions between the West and Russia, little space is left for balancing between the two. Geht es in der Ukraine voran? Dieser Aufholprozess erfolgte jedoch nur sehr langsam.

And for Turkey to engage more closely with the EU too. My own foreign policy dialogue with Turkey is increasingly close and fruitful. I visited Ankara in April. President Van Rompuy visited in May. Our dialogue at the highest level must be kept up, all the more so when times are more challenging. We are on course to open a new negotiating chapter this month, and are within reach of a new visa dialogue and the signature of readmission agreements.

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In light of current events, we should engage with Turkey more on these negotiating chapters, most fundamental to its reform efforts. Our relationship with Turkey gives us a real opportunity to influence it, if we use it.

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We need to make the most of all the tools we have. And Turkey needs to work with us. It is clear to me that the case for engagement is doubly compelling now. The images have made an impact on all of us, not only in Turkey, but in Europe and in the world. We in this Parliament have always underlined the importance of Turkey carrying out reforms in order to safeguard fundamental freedoms. These include the right to protest. It is not only a matter of legal reforms, but also of perception. A majority always needs to consider the position of the minority. However, a vibrant democracy also needs a competent, constructive opposition, and that also [is lacking].

I believe that there are, at least, challenges for the opposition. This Parliament has consistently criticised the situation as regards media freedom in Turkey. I think that the past two weeks have confirmed our concerns. I hope that the recent events, devastating as they are, might prove to be a turning point for Turkey.

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That is what Europe needs: these kinds of clear statements. That deep state is still here, and he is using this instrument. After 10 days of protests, four people are dead, 5 are injured, many people are in prison: is this the reaction of a democratic government to demonstrations? Yes, there were hooligans there as well — in all the demonstrations all around the world, there are peaceful demonstrations and some people come and try to misuse peaceful demonstrations. Yes, and therefore we should start immediately negotiating Chapter 23 and Chapter 24 with Turkey, because these are the issues where we can put the Turkish Government to the test — and I do not say Turkey, but the Turkish Government — to see whether it is ready to go with Europe or not.

Because if Turkey today is the country in the world with the highest number of journalists in prison relative to the total number of journalists, this is nothing to do with democracy.