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Close Preview. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. Summary First published in Share this Title. Recommend to Librarian. Shopping Cart Summary. Items Subtotal. To the Thawing Wind He calls on change through the violence of the elements.

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A Prayer in Spring He discovers that the greatness of love lies not in forward-looking thoughts; Flower-Gathering nor yet in any spur it may be to ambition. Rose Pogonias He is no dissenter from the ritualism of nature; Asking for Roses nor from the ritualism of youth which is make-believe.

Waiting — Afield at Dusk He arrives at the turn of the year. In a Vale Out of old longings he fashions a story.

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A Dream Pang He is shown by a dream how really well it is with him. In Neglect He is scornful of folk his scorn cannot reach. The Vantage Point And again scornful, but there is no one hurt. Mowing He takes up life simply with the small tasks.

Now Close the Windows It is time to make an end of speaking. A Line-Storm Song It is the autumnal mood with a difference. October He sees days slipping from him that were the best for what they were.


My Butterfly There are things that can never be the same. Come out of time awhile to the sunsweet places where there are no sad shadows, no time-tears, only the songs, the dear remembered faces.

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I saw the footworn track, and knew that now there was no turning back, no time to pause, or wait for lingering backward glances from the gate. The rippling meadow-grass hissed out a hushed farewell on seeing me pass, and round my venturing feet, the sunspots danced.

The pinewood scent was sweet. Oh, it was hard to leave a happiness that time might not retrieve, hard, too, to leave you there, your brown eyes sad, and summer in your hair.

The Early Poems of Alfred Lord Tennyson by Baron Alfred Tennyson Tennyson - Free Ebook

This deepening quiet comes with the afternoon, and some men, lying back, forget to gaze at that one spot their eyes have fixed all day, and close their wondering minds, and sink to sleep. Others gaze restlessly about the ward.

Their minds move with their eyes. They wonder where to turn to now from their white-sheeted prison.

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Some old tune, tiptoeing on the atmosphere, calls and then dies. But men, lying there, will hear, will feel this fresh wind through their dusty dreams and cast their thoughts on it, and feel them blown through the new opened windows of the memory.