False heroism in Sean OCaseys The Shadow of a Gunman

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O'Casey is de Christy Moore van het Ierse theater. I saw this play performed in Dublin's Abbey Theatre in the late summer As a non-native english speaker I had a really hard time understanding the rough pronunciation. So today I came across this piece in a second hand book-shop and picked it up. Read it in about an hour and I'm at loss at whether to say this play is too "internal I saw this play performed in Dublin's Abbey Theatre in the late summer I'm at loss at whether to say this play is too "internally written" plainly boring or just needs much, much more information for the reader to understand.

Not to say I didn't like it, it just seems to me that I'd be better off knowing more of the setting around the area at that time. My thoughts exactly after seeing the production. Whenever I read a theatre-piece, I always look for the human-aspect. I look for ways to identify with the material. If it isn't there I have a hard time enjoying the read. In my opinion, Shadow of a Gunman lacks the recognizable timelessness situated in people in a compromising reality.

O'Casey comes close, to mention the whatever it is between Donal and Minnie, but only enough to poke my interest. I'm thinking of reading other pieces by O'Casey to compare. Maybe even re-read this one at some other time.

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Register or log in. Our newsletter keeps you up to date with all new papers in your subjects. Request a new password via email. Like the two previous plays, it is set in the slum tenements, where we meet newlyweds Jack Clitheroe Adam Petherbridge and his wife Nora Clare O'Malley , who is pregnant. He is an officer in the Irregulars, which eventually will evolve into being the IRA. They want him to come back to fight the troubles, but Nora doesn't want him to leave her.

He can't resist the call and goes back and dies a hero's death. Nora loses her premature baby and goes mad. Charlotte Moore , artistic director of the Irish Rep, has given a fine sensitive pace to the proceedings.

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Once again Maryann Plunkett shines, this time with an entirely different character from her maternal Juno. Here she is the hardened loyalist and coarse fruit monger Bessie Burgess, who is at first hard to accept, but somewhat softens as the terror of the play moves forward. She is surrounded by an array of neighbors like Peter Flynn, a old laborer who dotes on wearing uniforms from the long ago and gets harassed by Young Covey James Russell , a party lined Socialist, and Fluther Good Michael Mellamphy , a decent carpenter, who gets inherently braver as the play moves on.

All three plays feature a wonderful repertory company of 14 actors who all play parts in each of the three plays. All are magnificently matchless. Charlie Corcoran's sets and atmospheric theater decor have turned the Irish Rep into a slice of Dublin.

The Shadow of a Gunman by Sean O'Casey

He wanted to try a new mold. William Butler Yeats, a poet and dramatist, and a co-director with Lady Gregory of the Abbey Theatre, who verbally fought off rioting audiences opening night of The Plough and the Stars , refused to produce the play. In England, he wrote a panoply of plays. Once, he professed to have a romance with Communism for a while, and wrote his worst play, The Star Turns Red.

His last play was Behind the Green Curtains , a very funny attack on his fellow Irish artists who in denounced censorship in private yet dutifully conformed when pressure was applied.