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Since his coat was buttoned up, he could not reach his revolvers and defend himself. As it had expressed itself in other actions, it also manifested itself at the hour of his death. When the Papal States were taken over by Victor Emmanuel, all of the powerful states of Europe were silent. It gave the Church all of her traditional rights and abolished the abuses that had begun under the prior anti-Catholic government. His loyalty to the Church did not tarnish in any way his patriotism. As president of the Republic of Ecuador, Garcia Moreno upheld Catholic values and the honor of his country.

After defeating and expelling the Liberals under Urbina, his first efforts in the government were to make the new constitution favorable to Catholics. Due in part to his support, the clause that forbids the entrance of heretical sects into the country was maintained. When this request was granted, he took office.

He balanced the budget and made the country prosperous. Along with this, he reformed both the army and the prisons.

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One normally hears very little of Garcia Moreno, which could cause some to think that he is not very important. It seems to me that his enemies use silence as a way of hiding his work and life. This also shows that his life and work were Catholic because many people who do not like Catholic works surround them with silence.

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One other important characteristic that shows his virtue is his patriotism. Patriotism is a virtue that involves loyalty to country and working for its good. His actions as president of the Republic of Ecuador were both charitable and just.

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He has a balanced view of life, which is a quality of temperance. But if no one speaks or writes about him, he will never become well known. From what I have read about the life of Garcia Moreno, he seems to be a loyal Catholic and a competent leader. Once he realized the importance of his Faith, he made it influence every sphere of his life.

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Gabriel García Moreno

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