How to Pray: A Short Method of Mental Prayer

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That is my favorite time of the week, except attending Mass. During this time of undivided attention, I pray Rosary, read Bible, read a spiritual book, and also just sit there with a love gaze. This is unavoidable. My constant desire of solitude to be with God is one form of my mental prayer. My inner person is drawn to be with Him. Sometimes I feel the awareness of Him during my sleep. I really enjoyed your post! Teresa teaches us that an important aspect of mental prayer is to actively engage our intellect in seeking Him.

Thanks, Dave. Lectio Divina is what I want to practice. I will read carefully the link you provide tonight after work. I read the entire article and went to bed last night. It is always exciting and comforting when you read something describes your own feeling, something you can identify with well. I thought about sharing this on the thread. Then I re-read your previous post, it was also what you were pointing out.

Very intriguing! There is a website: www. It could be used for Lectio Divina. What a wonderful blessing you have been given. One of the things St.

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Teresa teaches about this Prayer of Recollection is that the coming of our Lord in this way is so subtle we often fail to recognize Him. When one recognizes the gentle pull of our Lord toward interior solitude, the way we cooperate with Him is to put our book or rosary down and leave behind whatever big thoughts might have been on our mind in our meditation.

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The art is the intuivtive understanding of means and ends. When one senses interior recollection we have found Him. Thank you so much InLight for sharing this with us. Thanks for your excellent explanation.

It is very helpful. I am constantly learning and grateful for all the information. Teresa talks about using images to help us pray. In my office, Bible quotes and picture of Jesus are all over. Therefore, while working, I still put myself in the atmosphere of praying.

The spiritual journey needs encouragement and companions. Thanks to all the help from this forum. Then, I move into saying my sacred prayer word, "Lord Jesus. All that I desire, is to be with him, loving him.

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I leave everything up to Him. Then I say a reverent and slow Our Father, and I begin to open my eyes. My time in mental prayer can last anywhere from 10 minutes to a half-hour. Gentelness is the key here. Myself, I generally just feel the peace Jesus gives me. The after effects are what really tell me that I was in His presence and that he has given me his grace.

Seeing Christ in others, and having compassion for their poverty, I know is not of my own, but what Jesus has given me. Their experience in prayer is theirs, and is between them and Jesus. Jesus knows our needs are and feeds his us accordingly. Your prayer must be your humble openness to the transforming grace that God will feed you with. But it is so beautiful to hear experiences from others.

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Indeed our Lord leads each individual with a unique way because we are all special in His eyes. Yet there is always a common ground — our love for Him and His for us.

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However, that will never be really satisfied until eternity. No truer words than these! Seeing our lives slowly transformed into an ever deepening love of God and love of neighbor is the proof of our prayer. And peace is the gift only He can give. I enjoyed your reflections. How true that love is the fruit of following Christ!

One time while I was silently saying my rosary in my heart in the crowded and noisy subway of D. C, I was reminded that there is image of Christ in every one of those people - young or old, black, yellow or white, good looking or not so good looking. Now while looking at people, I often have such thoughts come to me, not out of my own thinking, but come to me.

And what a precious transformation that is! Teresa and St. Somewhere St. Teresa says we can never be entirely sure of our love for God. So when all is said and done, the acid test of our prayer comes down to this: growth in the practice of virtue. Teresa is quite clear on that. No amount of contemplative graces and deep interior union with God in prayer is worth a hill of beans if virtue is lacking.

Thus, St. Mental Prayer Catholic Living. Hence it is a common opinion of the holy Fathers, with St. Thomas, that without prayer it is impossible to persevere in the grace of God, and to save one's self.

Chapter 4: Praying in Thought

But he who prays is sure of the help of God; we have his word for it, which cannot fail, repeated so often in the sacred Gospels: All things whatsoever you ask when you pray, believe that you shall receive, and they shall come to you. Mark Every one that asks receives. Luke Amen, amen, I say unto you, if you ask the Father anything in My name, He will give it you.

John God grants everything that we ask him for in the name of Jesus Christ. If, then, we wish to he saved, we must pray, and pray with humility and confidence, and above all with perseverance.

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Alphonsus Liguori [My comments in brackets. I deserve at this moment to be burning in hell for my sins [but I trust in your Mercy and Love and realize you love me so much that you sent your Son to die for me on the cross so I might be saved]; O my God, I am sorry for having offended You; pardon me. Eternal Father, grant me light in this meditation, that I may profit by it.

Joseph, of your guardian angel, and of your holy patron. We should say: O Lord! We should especially apply ourselves to making petitions, in asking God to grant us holy perseverance, his love, light, and strength, that we mostly need in order to do his holy will, and to pray always. We should finish by saying an Our Father and, a Hail Mary, and never forget, in meditation, to recommend to God the souls in Purgatory, and all poor sinners.

From St. Method of Making Mental Prayer by St. Alphonsus Liguori "We must observe that Saint Alphonsus makes the practice of mental prayer simple, clear, easy, and not less fruitful. Owing to the method which he teaches, this exercise, indispensable to him who wishes to sanctify himself, is really put within the reach of all. He wishes that every one should learn how to meditate. He earnestly recommends that for this purpose special instructions should he given to the people.

The preparation consists of three acts: one of faith in the presence of God; of humility, with a short act of contrition; and of prayer to be enlightened. For the second: O Lord by my sins I deserve to be now in hell. I repent, O Infinite Goodness! Joseph, to your guardian angel, and to your patron saint, for the same end. These acts should be made with attention, but briefly; and then you go on directly to the meditation. In the meditation you can always make use of some book, at least at the beginning, and stop where you find yourself mostly touched.

What is Contemplative Prayer and Why is it so Needed? with Fr. Richard Rohr

Francis de Sales says that in this we should do as the bees, which settle on a flower as long they find any honey in it, and then pass on to another. It should also be observed, that the fruits to be gained by meditation are three in number: to make affections, to pray, and to make resolutions; and in these consists the profit to be derived from mental prayer. After you have meditated on some eternal truth, and God has spoken to your heart, you must also speak to God; and first, by forming affections, be they acts of faith, of thanksgiving, of humility, or of hope; but above all, repeat the acts of love and contrition.

Thomas says, that every act of love merits for us the grace of God and paradise: "Every act of love merits eternal life. Acts of love are such as these: My God; I love you above all things! I love you with all my heart! I desire to do your will in all things.