Insane Trilogy: Insane By Proxy

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A monster. But Brian is special, a rare Infected person willing to fight for those that can't, not uncontrolled or insane. In fact, thanks to his power of Because sometimes you have to be the one to make a difference. In fact, thanks to his power of taking the place of those about to die and the bizarre overriding sense of self-sacrifice he suddenly develops, he doesn't really get a choice in the matter.

Now he has to either fight for the IPB - a government organization designed to contain the Infected threat - or end up lobotomized, living the rest of his days in a psych ward.

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In the end though, he knows there's only one real option: save all he can. Even if it kills him. Because the world is about to change, and the only thing standing between the lives of millions and certain death, is one man with the unlikely power to take a victim's place, when there is no other hope left. Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , 3rd edition , pages.

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Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Oct 09, M Hamed rated it it was amazing Shelves: , urban-fantasy. Dec 12, Dan rated it liked it Shelves: An ok read. Jul 09, John rated it it was amazing. I have to start with that.

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The book is long but it will pull you in quickly. I found myself wanting to read because there was always something coming or needing to be resolved. It is a pretty dark world and the author does not pull any punches. Fights are violent and descriptive.

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The part about suicide will make you feel all the hopelessness our hero has. He sees no way out and it is a powerful moment in the book. I do not want to give to much away so everybody should just read it!

View 2 comments. Aug 20, Bisquit rated it liked it. Another case of just-too-long. At nearly pages it was quite a good treat, but some content wasn't strictly necessary. Our main character, Brian, is actually a fat asian kid - and when I first read that, I was like - whot? Did I actually read that right? He's not just some white teen hero? He's actually fat in a young adult novel?

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It shouldn't suprise me - but it did. Our hero - and he's a hero in the purest sense, even with all the killing and bleeding - is essentially a poo Another case of just-too-long. Our hero - and he's a hero in the purest sense, even with all the killing and bleeding - is essentially a poor soul that can't help being a hero and just does it with every fiber of his being, due to his "mode".

A mode is something those Infected have, and it's their primary emotion. His is self-sacrifice to help others. So he essentially can't help but be a hero. But he still, and that was really great to see, not perfect.

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Not even close to it. He kills not always in a clean, proper way , he is traumatized happens very early on, so no spoiler and thus has some problem dealing with the object of his trauma, too. The other characters aren't perfect either, except those portrayed fully evil: Like a certain character who at least gets to redeem himself in the next book, and the object of his trauma. That was sort of annoying, but the rest of the characters are interesting and well fleshed out, so it's not that bad.

I actually loved the dialogues in this one. No proper sassiness, but adorable bantering, flirting and kidding around. Although I have to admit a glossary with all characters would have been nice, there were just that many. I didn't like the world this was set in. Well, this isn't a kiddie comic book where all of the bad guys hang out in the same clubhouse. Evil people aren't going to automatically be allies or even share an agenda. For all of his faults, after the Battle of the Citadel the Illusive Man correctly sees the reapers for the threat to all organic races that they are and is doing the very thing that you'd think everyone else ought to be doing: Trying his damnedest to find a way to stop them.

The Illusive Man is ahead of the curve here because his scheming, conspiratorial nature makes it easier for him to see the threat down the road. And the reapers are -- in ME2, at least -- every bit as much of a threat to him and his organization as they are to everyone else. He also correctly recognizes that Shepard is one of the best tools to fight them with.

So why shouldn't the Illusive Man try to enlist Shepard and search for a way to stop the reapers? It is in his own self-interest to do that. What better way to fix that image than to have the hero of the Citadel fighting under the Cerberus banner? The whole opening conversation between the illusive Man and Miranda at the beginning of ME2 is about how important Shepard is as a symbol. This makes no sense!

Shepard is in a difficult position in ME2 because Cerberus is the only available vehicle to take up the fight against the reapers. To me, this isn't bad writing. This is some of the best writing in the trilogy. I get that if you like playing Shepard as a more of a pure hero this seems wrong but it can easily be done without the commander ever being portrayed as blind to Cerberus' true nature. You can defy the Illusive Man by destroying the collector base and then tell him off afterwards. At this point even Miranda will see the light.

Come on! The Illusive Man's order to save the collector base and use its tech at the end of ME2 is a bit of foreshadowing that explains why Cerberus goes from evil-but-still-pro-human group fighting the reapers and collectors in ME2 to flat-out evil group opposing the Alliance in ME3. His goal is to co-op all of that reaper tech for his own use and he's just arrogant enough to think he can do that. Shepard either preserves the base or the Illusive Man sends salvage teams into the Omega Four relay after it is destroyed. Either way, the Illusive Man gets the tech and, sure enough, it results in him becoming indoctrinated.

He's not fully there yet at the outset of ME3 it's a gradual process but he is definitely on the way, hence his decision to go full evil and declare war against Alliance. The reapers have corrupted him into thinking that that's a good idea. Plus now that the reapers have invaded and the Alliance and the Council are occupied fighting them and everything has generally gone to hell, Cerberus can drop the good guy act it put on in ME2.

Criticism 4 -- Cerberus was just a small clandestine group in ME2.

How the fuck does it suddenly have massive armies in ME3?