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Subsequent chapters develop why pastors and leaders need personal intercession, and how they can begin developing and mobilizing personal intercessors. They discuss prayer partners and crisis intercessors and intercessor teams and personal intercessors. They teach leaders how to receive intercession and how to develop relationship with their intercessors and how to supply them with the information they need to be effective.

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  • A personal note.. I used to be one of Peter and Doris' personal or I-3 intercessors, and I can attest that they live what they teach in this book.. This book is a collection of writings on spiritual mapping, or on how to recognize what strongholds the enemy holds in your city or territory.. George Otis Jr writes "An Overview Of Spiritual Mapping", where he explains how understanding events of the past can give you the keys to breakthrough in present situations.

    Peter Wagner writes an article entitled "The Visible and the Invisible", where he explores the spiritual forces behind many situations. Peter points out that both sides God and the devil are at work behind the scenes in present day situations and that we need to recognize God's hand in a situation so we can cooperate with Him as well as discerning what the enemy is up to.

    Cindy Jacobs writes "Dealing With Strongholds". She identifies 9 different types of strongholds: personal strongholds or "holes in our armor", strongholds of the mind where the enemy tries to implant hopelessness into our thinking to destroy our faith, ideological strongholds philosophies and mindsets , occult strongholds, social strongholds caused by social injustices, poverty, racism, etc. Kjell Sjoberg writes about prophetic prayer and spiritual mapping, or "smart praying". He also discusses "prophetic prayer actions" done at God's direction, such as when Gideon tore down the Asherah pole and altar to Baal.

    Then he goes on to develop how we can ask the right questions of history to confirm what God has been showing us prophetically. He discusses many aspects of spiritual warfare, including how to identify and defeat the strongman or controlling demonic spirit over an area. Bob Becket writes "Practical Steps Toward Community Deliverance", where he shares the wisdom and practical steps he learned in a twenty year period where God used him to transform his city of Hemet, California.

    He gives an illustration I really liked Victor Lorenzo shares a strategy and case study of spiritual mapping and spiritual warfare in Resistencia, Argentina. He shares the dramatic results they saw there as a result of the warfare. The book ends with a summary chapter by Peter Wagner, where he "ties it all together. The first chapter summarizes the prayer movement that has been gaining momentum these past few years.


    Chapters 2 and 3 cover the two-way nature of prayer.. The next two chapters cover how prayer can be vital for all aspects of a local church. The remaining 5 chapters deal with taking prayer outside the churches and into the community, in the form of praise marches, prayer walks, prayer expeditions and prayer journeys. The chapter that blessed me the most was the chapter on what Peter calls "Action Prayer. I don't want to describe it too much, because I really want you to read it.

    Instead let me share a few quotes with you Two major ways to know the will of God are: 1 reading it in Scripture see 2 Tim ,16 and 2 asking Him and getting a response see John ; ; 2 Tim ; Jas It is becoming popular in some circles to spend a good portion of prayer time in Praying The Scriptures The second way of praying according to God's will is to ask Him and determine His will before we pray. We are to do likewise. A major key to knowing the Father's will is to spend time with Him.

    The first chapter in this book is very practical and pragmatic, giving some very concrete recent history examples of spiritual warfare and practical guidelines in how to engage in it.

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    The second chapter deals with Epistemology or "trying to figure out how we know what we know. As a result, the book tends to be a bit more academic that the others in the series. The third chapter deals with Hermeneutics and the fourth with spiritual warfare in early church history, such as Saint Benedict of Nursia's power encounter with the principalities ruling Monte Cassino. He prepared for that with a 40 day fast, followed by attacking and destroying an altar to Apollo, various enemy counter-attacks and periods of prayer, culminated by raising a man from the dead through prayer.

    The next chapter explores what Scripture has to say on spiritual warfare, and the remaining chapters look at New Testament spiritual warfare encounters, primarily from the book of Acts. One of the things I found particularly useful was on pages 20 to 21, where Peter identifies three levels of spiritual warfare:.

    This third level of spiritual warfare is controversial.. Peter holds that this is not the case and he uses this book to argue in favor of believers participating in strategic level spiritual warfare. My own personal view on it is that high level strategic spiritual warfare may be right for some believers whom God has gifted and called to this, but is not for all believers.

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    No one should enter into this lightly or participate in it unless they have been explicitly tasked to do so by the Lord. We need to be led of God and obedient to Him in all we do. If God leads us to a battle, then we must go fight.

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    • However, we should not go looking for battles He has not called us to.. The key to success is in listening to Him and obeying what He commands Peter Wagner. Here is a quote from page Basic training applies equally to Christians who desire to do spiritual battle.

      Too many Christians want to get involved in the action without first submitting themselves to the discipline necessary to equip a warrior for battle. To the degree that they do, they leave themselves open to serious personal attack and they run the risk of bringing discredit to the body of Christ.