Les Enfants des Tenebres (FICTION) (French Edition)

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Von nun an ist es mit der beschaulichen Feiertagsruhe vorbei.

Fils de ténèbres - Film d'horreur complet en français

Almqvist, Bertil []. The Stone Age Kids. Staling-Bilderbuch Nr. La Famille Mironton. Macmillan Co. London, Sidgwick and Jackson, La Familia Milenios. Editorial Juventud. Ames, Gerald and Rose Wyler. The First People in the World. London: Blackie, Imagine a band of people wandering through strange country in search of food. Speech is still new to them and their vocabulary is about that of a 3 year old child today. But they are human beings who can think, plan, laugh and cry. They are far removed from the animals around them. The wonderful story of man's growth and development is presented here in a brilliant and lively panorama.

The glorious, light-filled pictures and the clear simplicity of the words give the reader a sensitive and scientific portrayal of the life of early man.

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Amplaing, Max d' pseudonym for J. Zingh l'homme des cavernes. Zing the Caveman. Andaloussy, Haytam. Editions L'Harmattan 11 janvier Anderson, Mary []. A Son of Noah. Digby, Long. But the Flood will soon clear the air. Anderson, Poul William []. The Long Remembering. A graduate student volunteers to go back in time, where he lives briefly as his Cro-Magnon ancestor of the Old Stone Age, more than 20, years before.

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He "relives" his recapturing of his wife, Evavy, from the Neanderthals. Souvenir lointain. Il ricordo. The Shield of Time. ISBN: pbk Not prehistoric man. Manse Everard is a man with a mission. As an Unattached Agent of the Time Patrol, he's to go anyplace - and anytime! This is Manse's profession, and his burden: for how much suffering, throughout human history, can he bear to "preserve"? Wanda Tamberley is a Patrol member in search of her mission. Recruited from sunny California in the late 20th century, she'd rather serve as a scientist in the research branch, exploring Earth's flora and fauna in epochs long past.

But as hints accumulate from the Patrol's mysterious leaders uptime, it's beginning to look as if a lot of human history depends on her personal decisions - and Manse's. Meanwhile the Exaltationists are on the loose, determined to revise human history and rule Time forever Andrews, J. The Man from the Sea. The Bodley Head. New York, E.

Governor General's Award for French-language fiction

Bodley Head. When Euan found a shipwrecked stranger on the rocks near his village one windy dawn, his first feeling was one of anger that this dark man with the beautiful woven wool tunic was not his own father, lost at sea with all the other men of the primitive little fishing community some weeks before. Now the women and children who remained were on the verge of starvation, and lived in dread of enslavement by neighbouring peoples.

In addition to his talents as a writer, Schopfer in won the tennis championship of France. He wrote the first of his many books in For most of his travel books and novels he used the pen name, Claude Anet. A playwright as well, his Mayerling is perhaps his best known work of that type. Schopfer died in Anet, Claude [] pseudonym for Jean Schopfer. La Fin d'un monde. The end of a world. The End of a World.

Jeffery pseud. Jeffery Eardley Marston []. The story of the last days of the People of the Bear, at the end of the Reindeer Age, when the reindeer that had formed the center of their lives for uncountable generations failed to return, and the round-heads with their packs of tame dogs appeared, and they were unable to stop them from settling around them Anfosso, Fabrice.

Angeletti, Roberta []. Oxford University Press Children's Books. Cecilia is on a school trip to the Lascaux caves in southern France--a mysterious place with well-preserved prehistoric paintings on the walls. These are believed to have been created by our primitive ancestors several hundred thousand years ago.

The little girl notices some strange footprints on the ground. Following them, she walks away from the other children and arrives in a dark, wide hall. She is about to turn on her flashlight, when suddenly Her camera flash goes off and lights up the paintings of deer and hunters on the walls. The flash goes off again and she sees more animals chiseled in the walls. In the dark, she feels someone trying to pull the camera off her neck. Frightened, she turns around and sees a primitive man. He gestures to her that he is the painter of the walls. Leading her out of the cave, he tries to start a fire by striking two sticks against each other.

Cecilia has to get back, because her school bus is leaving, but she leaves the primitive man a box of matches as a farewell gift. Three pages at the end of the story explain how prehistoric people lived, what tools they used, how they painted, and how they hunted. Angenot, Marc and Nadia Khouri. An International Bibliography of Prehistoric Fiction. The conquest of fire.

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Anthony, Piers []. Tatham Mound. They inhabit the unspoiled swamplands, mountain plains and verdant forests of the vast North American continent -- warriors, shamans, hunters and farmers of sundry tribes and cultures. And one man travels among them -- a speaker of many tongues born "Hotfoot" but renamed "Throat Shot" as a cruel consequence of a hunting raid.

From the burial mound of his ancestors, the spirits set him on his life's path -- impelling the young brave through war and hardship, through magical wonder and passionate love, on a mystical quest to deliver his people from the devastation that bears relentlessly down on them from afar Isle of Woman Geodyssey Vol 1. Tor Books.

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The story of a man and woman born at the dawn of human history, separated by fate, yet united by an unquenchable passion that even time could not conquer: Blaze, the fireworker who raised his kind out of savagery, and Ember, the beautiful green-eyed woman who forever haunted his dreams. Through their eyes, and those of their descendants, we witness humanity's odyssey from savagery to civilization as they are reborn again and again throughout history.

We share with these two eternal lovers an unforgettble odyssey of triumph, tragedy, and discovery that takes them from the African savannah to the ancient Middle East, from the South Pacific to the caves of Northern Europe, from the court of Imperial China to India during the British Raj, ending in a stunning reunion in an America in ruins only a few short years from now.

Shame of Man Geodyssey; vol.

Descent : Voyages dans les Ténèbres Seconde Édition

Sequel to Isle of Woman. ISBN: hardcover. The story of two lovers born throughout history -- Hugh, a dreamer and musician, and his beloved Ann, a beautiful dancer -- as they struggle to preserve their family and their way of life during some of the most turbulent periods of our svage past -- and our troubled future. Through their eyes we experience humanity's greatest achievements, and witness its greatest shame, the relentless exploitation of nature that now threatens our very survival.

Hope of Earth Geodyssey; vol 3. Muse of Art Geodyssey Vol 4. From the mists of prehistory to a terrifyingly plausible near future, Muse of Art explores the special talents that have inspired and motivated us since the earliest days of our existence: curiosity and creativity, seduction and survival, destruction and healing. We view some of the most explosive eras in human history through the eyes of three remarkable women: Avalanche, Melee, and Talena Arcelin, Adrien [].