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Avec autant de classe que de hargne, Harold Martinez ILY La B. Bio Fondateur du label aux multiples horizons sonores, La B. Il fonde en avec Laurent Caligaris le label D! Depuis , il joue toutes les facettes de la Personnage discret, le Catalan Bio Joy Orbison a. Apportant un souffle This whole scene was a comedy to Charles Thomson, whose countenance was in raptures all the time. When all was over, he told me he had been highly delighted with it, because he had been witness to many of their conversations, in which they had endeavored to excite and propagate prejudices against me, on account of my office of Chief Justice.

But he said I had cleared and explained the thing in such a manner that he would be bound I should never hear any more reflections on that head. No more, indeed, were made in my presence, but the party did not cease to abuse me in their secret circles on this account, as I was well informed. Not long afterwards, hearing that the Supreme Court in Massachusetts was organized and proceeding very well on the business of their circuits, I wrote my resignation of the office of Chief Justice, to the Council, very happy to get fairly rid of an office that I knew to be burdensome, and whose emoluments, with my small fortune, would not support my family.

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On the 9th of February, the day on which Mr. Gerry and I took our seats for this year, sundry letters from General Washington, General Schuyler, Governor Trumbull, with papers inclosed, were read, and referred to Mr. Chase, Mr. Penn, Mr. Wythe, and Mr. On the 14th of February, sundry letters from General Schuyler, General Wooster, and General Arnold, were read, and referred, with the papers enclosed, to Mr. On the same day,. Ward reported, that the committee had taken into consideration the matter referred to them, but not having come to a conclusion desired leave to sit again, which was granted for to-morrow.

Ward reported, that, not having come to a conclusion, the committee asked leave to sit again; granted. Sherman, be a a committee to prepare instructions for the committee appointed to go to Canada. Indeed, I urged it expressly with that view, and as connected with the institution of government in all the States, and a declaration of national independence. The party against me had art and influence as yet, to evade, retard, and delay every motion that we made. Many motions were made, and argued at great length, and with great spirit on both sides, which are not to be found in the Journals.

When motions were made and debates ensued in a committee of the whole House, no record of them was made by the secretary, unless the motion prevailed and was reported to Congress, and there adopted.

This arrangement was convenient for the party in opposition to us, who by this means evaded the appearance, on the Journals, of any subject they disliked. On Monday, February 19th, Congress attended an oration in honor of General Montgomery, and the officers and soldiers who fell with him.

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On Tuesday, February 20th, and on Wednesday, February 21st, means were contrived to elude the committee of the whole House. Accordingly Congress resolved itself into a committee of the whole, and after some time Mr. Ward reported, that the committee had come to no conclusion; and Congress resolved, that to-morrow they would again resolve themselves into a committee of the whole, to take into their further consideration the letters from General Washington.

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Resolved, That Congress will on Monday next resolve itself into a committee of the whole, to take into consideration the letters from General Washington. McKean, Mr. John Adams, and Mr. Lewis Morris, but no resolution of Congress into a committee of the whole. The order of the day was renewed, but nothing done. Resolved, That the consideration of it be postponed till to-morrow. Agreeable to the order of the day, the Congress resolved itself into a committee of the whole, to take into consideration the letter from General Washington of the 9th instant, and the trade of the Colonies after the first of March; and after some time, Mr.


Ward reported that the committee, not having come to a conclusion, desired leave to sit again; granted. The very short sketch, which is here traced, is enough to show that postponement was the object of our antagonists; and the Journals for those days will show the frivolous importance of the business transacted in them, in comparison of the great concerns which were before the committees of the whole House.

There was, however, still a majority of members who were either determined against all measures preparatory to independence, or yet too timorous and wavering to venture on any decisive steps. We therefore could do nothing but keep our eyes fixed on the great objects of free trade, new governments, and independence of the United States, and seize every opening opportunity of advancing step by step in our progress. Our opponents were not less vigilant in seizing on every excuse for delay; the letter from Lord Drummond, which seemed to derive importance, from the transmission of it by General Washington, was a fine engine to play cold water on the fire of independence.

They set it in operation with great zeal and activity. It was, indeed, a very airy phantom, and ought not to have been sent us by the General, who should only have referred Lord Drummond to Congress. But there were about head-quarters some who were as weak and wavering as our members; and the General himself had chosen, for his private confidential correspondent, a member from Virginia, Harrison, who was still counted among the cold party. This was an indolent, luxurious, heavy gentleman, of no use in Congress or committee, but a great embarrassment to both.

He was represented to be a kind of nexus utriusque mundi, a corner stone in which the two walls of party met in Virginia. He was descended from one of the most ancient, wealthy, and respectable families in the ancient dominion, and seemed to be set up in opposition to Mr. Richard Henry Lee. Jealousies and divisions appeared among the delegates of no State more remarkably than among those Edition: current; Page: [ 32 ] of Virginia. Wythe told me that Thomas Lee, the elder brother of Richard Henry, was the delight of the eyes of Virginia, and by far the most popular man they had; but Richard Henry was not.

I asked the reason; for Mr. Lee appeared a scholar, a gentleman, a man of uncommon eloquence, and an agreeable man. Wythe said this was all true, but Mr. Lee had, when he was very young, and when he first came into the House of Burgesses, moved and urged on an inquiry into the state of the treasury, which was found deficient in large sums, which had been lent by the treasurer to many of the most influential families of the country, who found themselves exposed, and had never forgiven Mr.

These feelings among the Virginia delegates were a great injury to us. Samuel Adams and myself were very intimate with Mr. Lee, and he agreed perfectly with us in the great system of our policy, and by his means we kept a majority of the delegates of Virginia with us; but Harrison, Pendleton, and some others, showed their jealousy of this intimacy plainly enough at times. Harrison consequently courted Mr. Hancock and some other of our colleagues; but we had now a majority, and gave ourselves no trouble about their little intrigues. But yet it was made instrumental of much delay and amusement to numbers.

Wilson, Mr. Morris, and Mr. Harrison reported, that the committee have had under consideration the letters and papers to them referred, but have come to no resolution thereon. A letter from General Washington, of the 26th of February, was read.

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Resolved, That it be referred to the committee to whom his other letters are referred. The order of the day renewed. No order of the day. The committee to whom the letters from Generals Schuyler, Wooster, and Arnold, were referred, brought in their report.

Marginalia 92

The committee appointed to prepare instructions for the commissioners going to Canada, brought in a draught, which was read. Congress took into consideration the instructions to the commissioners going to Canada. Wednesday, March Although the system had been so long pursued to postpone all the great political questions, and take up any other business of however trifling consequence, yet we were daily urging on the order of the day, and on this day we succeeded.

Ward reported no resolution. Leave to sit again. Thursday, March The state of the country so obviously called for independent governments, and a total extinction of the royal authority, and we were so earnestly urging this measure Edition: current; Page: [ 34 ] from day to day, and the opposition to it was growing so unpopular, that a kind of evasion was contrived in the following resolution, which I considered as an important step, and therefore would not oppose it, though I urged, with several others, that we ought to make the resolution more general, and advise the people to assume all the powers of government.

The proposition that passed was,—. This resolution and order was indeed assuming the powers of government in a manner as offensive as the measures we proposed could have been; but it left all the powers of government in the hands of Assemblies, Conventions, and Committees, which composed a scene of much confusion and injustice, the continuance of which was much dreaded by me, as tending to injure the morals of the people, and destroy their habits of order and attachment to regular government.

However, I could do nothing but represent and remonstrate; the vote as yet was against me. Harrison reported that the committee have come to certain resolutions. These may be seen in the Journal, and relate wholly to the defence of New York. This is the first appearance of Mr.