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This is a beautiful story and one I will turn to for many more years to come. You may never know that you probably saved a marriage or two with these thoughts! Oh my! Thank you so much for your kind words and I bet you do see it all. I absolutely love this article!

Want to know why? Well, because it shows me there are more wonderful husbands out there who love taking care of and helping to make their wives lives a little bit easier than just mind. My husband gives me flowers just because. I love this post and found it in my Country Living email.

So glad they found it too. Makes me want to run up and hug my Mr. Wonderful of 34 years. Every word is spot on. And he sounds like a keeper too! Big hugs.

This is what your knight in shining armor looks like in your 40’s - Motherly

Is caring for each other whether its watching tv and rolling your eyes at each other when something silly is on tv. Love is taking half grown kids and making them your own. Yes young ones its seeing that one person sitting in a chair or walking into a room and loseing your breath. I agree this sounds wonderful.

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But not what I was looking for in my 20s. And that seems not uncommon. Forget about it. Game over. That will be good enough. Nice read, though — I enjoyed it. October 27, :: Amy :: 26 Comments. Listen up young ones.

And you guys there were signs it would be this way so I have tips for you. Young people, listen. That is where the signs are. And that my friends is true love. Posted in Uncategorized. This is great. Hit the nail on the head. This is what a real man looks like! Amy on October 31, at pm. Nicole on October 31, at am. Tammy Utigard on October 31, at pm. Angie K on November 4, at pm. Amy on November 4, at pm. So happy and thank you for sharing!

Knitone on November 4, at pm.

Rita on November 3, at am. Kathy Mitchell on November 1, at am. Amy on November 2, at am.

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knight in shining armor

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