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The German trade newspaper, Transport, this year handed out the European Transport Award for Sustainability for the fourth time. This accolade is given to companies from the commercial vehicle industry whose efforts to combine economic success with social responsibility and environmental protection are worthy of recognition and whose sustainable action leads to further growth and prosperity.

This year saw 16 award winners across 16 categories. MAN won the award in the truck star category for the MAN eMobility concept for developing and testing fully electric trucks. Inventors normally use creative heuristics which provide them with promising search fields and directions for inventive problems. The paper at hand analyzes the existing frameworks of heuristic principles described in scientific literature about invention and insight, and proposes a framework of creative heuristics.

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Furthermore existing heuristics from invention and insight research are allocated to the principles in the framework. Thus, the proposed framework of creative heuristics can be used as a toolbox in creative or inventive problem solving and as a means to promote creativity in engineering education. Hier ist der Abstract zum Artikel:. Veranschaulicht werden diese Spannungsfelder und die anzustrebende Balance mit dem so genannten Wertequadrat. My colleague Anke Scherer and I published an article called "The Dao of Innovation" in the current issue 5, of Kindai Management Review, a prestigious Japanese management journal:.

A central question for managers in charge of innovation is to what extent creativity and innovation can be controlled and supervised, or whether they just have to be set free and allowed to take shape. In assessing this dilemma the authors conclude that there is a contradiction of action versus inaction on the personal level as well as a contradiction of control versus loss of control on the organizational level. In business structures that judge everything according to its usefulness, i. Innovation can be supported, but creativity cannot be forced.

It can only be allowed to happen when control, interference, and action are balanced out with non-interference, and go-with-the-flow. In October I gave a presentation at the 5th M-Sphere Conference in Dubrovnik about tensions in corporate creativity.

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Meanwhile the proceedings of the conference have been published as a Book of Papers containing my contribution "Tensions in Corporate Creativity". Borrowing from the wave-particle duality in physics one could say that there is an originality-effectiveness duality at work for creativity. The author identifies a tension of corporate tradition and corporate change for organizational motivation, a tension of skills and challenges for work assignment, a tension of management by control and management by loss of control for work control as well as a tension of organizational efficiency and organizational slack for resources.

Additionally different implications of these tensions for the resistance of a company to creativity, for an organizational climate conducive to creativity as well as for resource allocation in creative endeavours are discussed. The standard definition of individual creativity is based on a tension between originality on the one side and effectiveness usefulness and appropriateness on the other side.

In this article this tension is called the originality-effectiveness duality of creativity. The article explores how this duality pervades the componential theories of creativity. The value square explains each component as a dynamic equilibrium and shows how a positive value is balanced with its positive countervalue.

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Tensions of mindfulness, precision and ambiguity, as well as immersion and detachment are identified permeating the components of creativity. This article explores the implications these tensions have for creativity research and for businesses in a creative economy. Link to Vol. In a finite system like the earth economical use and preservation of resources is mandatory.

The aspiration to fulfil the demand of an increasing population with raised standards of living and to generate on-going economic growth leads to certain dilemmas concerning material resources.

The paper will elaborate on the differences of economics with relatively scarce resources and economics with absolutely scarce resources with a focus on material resources. Currently many sustainability initiatives try to solve the problem of scarce resources by increasing efficiency. But general economic principles which increase efficiency such as economies of scale and learning curve effects demand high quantities and high lot sizes.

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Thus, efficiency in an economic sense does not always mean resource efficiency, which should not only include material efficiency but also preservation of resource availability and resource stewardship. This shift leads to new problems concerning overuse and tragedy of the commons as well as competition for acreage. The paper argues that sustainability research needs to change its focus from a mere increase of material efficiency to the problems of resource stewardship and preservation of natural resources taking a system dynamics perspective.

It will elaborate on some of the possible directions these more wide-spread approaches may lead to. VVWL ist auf S.

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The paper explores how this tension pervades the functional creativity of creative products. The value square balances a value with its countervalue. Furthermore a tension within effectiveness is identified — a tension concerning style and resolution. The implications of these tensions on product design are discussed and as a conclusion a dilemma of customer insight is developed. Das Paper beschreibt die Planung und Entwicklung eines Unternehmensplanspiels zur Simulation eines Kommissionierbereichs.

The standard definition of creativity is based on a tension between originality on the one side and effectiveness on the other side. The author identifies tensions of corporate tradition and corporate change for organizational motivation, skills and challenges for work assignment, management by control and management by loss of control for work control as well as organizational efficiency and organizational slack for resources.

Additionally implications for resistances to creativity, the flow of creativity, the avoidance of a culture of compulsive control, freedom and autonomy in the workplace as well as resource allocation are discussed. Dabei kann dieser zu einem Wettbewerbsvorteil werden — wenn der Handel es richtig angeht. Auf der anderen Seite steht das Risiko einer strategischen Falle, d.

Weitere Informationen unter Publikationen. Here is what the cover text of the book has to say about the book:. This book contains 17 compelling and engaging case studies aimed at general management and strategy students. Students may use this collection of cases to apply and better understand standard as well as advanced concepts and theories of strategic management. The cases contained in this book are organized around central themes in strategic management, including strategic analysis, strategy content, strategy process and context.

The book is designed to support the learning of fundamental strategy concepts and theories. In addition the book provides support in the learning of advanced management themes such as competitive dynamics, macroculture, and approaches to post-merger integration, that go beyond the scope of standard strategy case books. The cases place students in real-world desicion situations that span a range of organization types and contexts.

The definition of individual creativity is based on a tension between novelty on the one side and usefulness respectively appropriateness on the other side. The paper explores how this tension pervades the stage and componential theories of creativity. The author identifies tensions of action and inaction, expertise and mindfulness, precision and ambiguity as well as immersion and detachment permeating the creative process and the components of creativity.

As a conclusion a morphological box for creativity is presented which allows one to show which combination of characteristics of the tensions support different stages of creativity. Furthermore implications for development and time management are discussed. The working paper at hand assumes that differences of innovativeness of different countries can be explained to a certain extent by cultural differences. Thus, the paper deals with the research question of which cultural dimensions have an influence on national innovativeness. Previous research mainly uses the Hofstede-dimensions to describe cultural differences and often focuses on single parameters to describe national innovativeness e.

Im deutschen Lebensmittelhandel wird die digitale Entwicklung jedoch aufmerksam beobachtet und mit neuen Distributionsoptionen bzw. Der Online-Handel mit Lebensmitteln kann damit zu einem Wettbewerbsvorteil werden — wenn der Handel es richtig angeht. Dabei geht es um die Bedeutung, die "Green Logistics" mittlerweile in den einzelnen logistischen Funktionen Transport, Lagerung und Verpackung einnimmt. Am Dabei wurden u.

Stellschrauben finden sich im Bereich des nachhaltigen Transportmanagements, des nachhaltigen Lagerhausmanagements sowie des nachhaltigen Verpackungsmanagements. Im Rahmen des nachhaltigen Transportmanagements gilt es u. Im gerade erschienenen Jahrbuch Innovation des F. In seinem neuen, sehr lesenswerten Buch "Trying not to try" - auf deutsch erschienen unter dem Titel "Wie wir mehr erreichen, wenn wir weniger wollen: Das Wu-Wei-Prinzip" - beleuchtet Edward Slingerland das ostasiatische Konzept des Wu-wei, was so viel bedeutet wie "Geschehen-lassen".

Slingerland beschreibt die unterschiedlichen Methoden, Wu-Wei zu erlangen, die von Konfuzius, Laotzi, Mencius bis zu Zhuangzi vorgeschlagen wurden. Ja, sagt eine Gruppe wagemutiger Seeleute und Ingenieure. Sie wollen die Verseuchung der Meere und den Treibhauseffekt reduzieren — und deshalb die Frachtschifffahrt wieder unter Segel bringen. Eine verkehrstechnische Revolution! Die Autorschaft der anderen Teile des Zhuangzi ist umstritten. Viele Unternehmen tun sich aber mit der Bewertung von radikalen Innovationen schwer.

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Auf der anderen Seite setzen Unternehmen oft auf teure Prestigeprojekte, die nicht selten floppen. Die Innovationsbewertung dient daher eher der Teammotivation und Organisation von Ressourcen als einer objektiven Bewertung. Austin Kleon , a writer and artist living in Austin, Texas, wrote a wonderful book about creativity and being creative entitled "Steal like an artist". The subtitle reads "10 things nobody told you about being creative". It is exactly the kind of book one wants to read during the holiday: It is short and easy to understand, it has a wonderful layout and a handy shape square - the shape, not the content , but most of all it is fun to read and definitely hits the mark.

The article argues that European innovators can profit from some of the basic concepts of philosophical Daoism, namely "wuwei" non-interference and "ziran" "go with the flow". Ein Beitrag des Pacific Standard findet aber noch weitere Ursachen.

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Ist es auch! Denn es gibt sie in jeder Organisation: Leute, die das radikal Neue nicht nur denken, sondern auch umsetzen wollen. Weitere Informationen unter: www.

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Denn einer machte mir einen Strich durch die Rechnung, warm, wohlbehalten und stressfrei zur Arbeit zu kommen: der Park-O-Mat. Gerade ist ein Interview mit mir auf der Website intuitiv-kreativ. In einem Forum bei amazon. DEV , steht unter dem Motto "Innovation verbindet".

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Neben u. Ich hatte den Eindruck, die Teilnehmer hatten nach einem anstrengenden Tag des Innovativseins sichtlich Ihre Freude am Uninnovativsein. Er zeigt aber auch, wie man es besser machen kann Die Artikel zum Schwerpunktthema Innovation sind sehr gut. Zwei sollen hier kurz angerissen werden. Gute Ideen zu identifizieren und schnell umzusetzen wird damit wichtiger als viele Ideen selbst zu generieren. An dieser Stelle setzt das Konzept des Innovation Scouting an.