Overcoming Life & Other Sermons (annotated)

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We fail others.

We fail ourselves. Many times, our Christian walk is marked by disappointment. God offers a second chance.

Mark was restored. For our family members. God is in the restoring business. This sub-point could also be a standalone point. It is an invitation. An invitation to restoration. Mark failed miserably and yet he was restored. I may have failed miserably. You may have fallen flat on your Christian face. But the Bible shows us God can restore. These are the outlines I actually take into the pulpit when I preach.

I use an iPad, where I blow the notes up with a large font size for easier viewing. I use the notes more as a way of staying on track and not succumbing to chasing rabbits. Share in the comments below. Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for the Busy Pastor Sermons newsletter! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Pastor Jimmy Evans – Overcoming Sickness – The Overcoming Life

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Yes, that the time would come when those that killed them would think that they did God service! Tribulation of that sort remains up to the measure in which it is not hindered by Divine Power. The spirit out of which it sprang cannot die till men are renewed. A man's foes are still they of his own household. Nor is the opposition of the world confined to persecution. It sometimes takes the far more dangerous form of flattery—pleasing baits are held out and allurements are used to decoy the Believer from his Lord. Many have been grievously wounded by the world when it has met them with the kiss of Judas on its lips and a dagger in its right hand wherewith to slay the soul!

Woe unto those who are ignorant of its devices!

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This is a sore trouble under the sun, that men are false—their words are softer than butter, but inwardly they are drawn swords! This has often surprised young Christians. They imagined that since the godly were charmed at the sight of their early graces, all others would be equally pleased. They are dumbfounded when they find that their good is evilly spoken of. Is any hearer of mine one of these raw recruits? Let him learn that to be a soldier of the Cross means real war—not a sham fight! He is in an enemy's country and the time will yet come when, as a veteran warrior, he will be surprised if he lives a day without a conflict, or is able for an hour to sheathe his sword—.

Certain tender hearts are not only surprised, but they are daunted and grieved by the world's opposition. Gentle, loving spirits who would not oppose anybody if they could help it, keenly feel the wanton assaults of those whom they would rather please than provoke.

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The sensitiveness of love renders the choicest characters the most susceptible of pain under cruel opposition—especially when it comes from beloved kinsfolk. To those who love God and man, it is at times an agony to be compelled to appear as the cause of strife, even for Christ's sake. We would gladly follow peace with all men, yet are we often forced to cry—.

We are sent forth as sheep among wolves—and this jars upon our gentleness which loves far better to lie down in the green pastures near the Shepherd and in the midst of flock. We are most of all grieved to think that men should not love Christ. It makes us deeply sorrowful that they should not see the beauties of the Man of Sorrows.

In our inmost hearts we are wounded when they wound our Well-Beloved. That they oppose us is little—but that they stumble at the great Foundation Stone upon which they will surely be broken, is terrible to perceive! They sin against light and love. They sin against their own souls—and this is a tribulation which bruises every holy heart and causes every loving spirit to bleed. This calls for constant watchfulness, since our very love to men might become, unless salted by the Grace of God, a cause of decay to our purity.

Some spirits love fighting and are never more happy than when they can denounce, resist, secede and contend. These are members of the Church Militant in another than the best sense. When the Grace of God enters their hearts and consecrates their obstinacy into firmness, they make fine men in a way, but if we measure them by the scale of love, and that, I take it, is the standard of the sanctuary—for he is most like God who loves most and he has come nearest to the image of Christ whose heart is fullest of tenderness—these rougher spirits turn out to be rather dwarfs than giants in the Kingdom of God.

We must have backbone and must be prepared to contend earnestly for the faith, but yet the more love we exhibit, the better! And, therefore, the more pain it will cost us to be continually at war with unloving spirits. This is a part of the tribulation which we must endure—and the more bravely we face it, the more thoroughly shall we win the battles of peace and purity! Here let us view our Lord in His blessed Person, for there is much of good cheer in the contemplation.

Remember, first, that our blessed Lord was a Man. Believe all that this means, for many are apt to think that because He was God as well as Man, therefore He was not so fully a Man. The tendency is to separate Him from the race and so from ourselves, but I pray you, Friend, to respect that Jesus was in some respects more a Man than any of us!

There are some points in which no one man is all that manhood is—but Jesus was the summary of all manhood. I might almost venture to say that He had about Him the whole Nature of mankind as it respects to the mental conformation of both man and woman, for He was as tender as woman though as strong as man. Holy women, as much as godly men, find in Jesus all that is in their own souls. There is nothing effeminate in Him and yet all the loveliness which is feminine—read His life story and see.

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He was Man in the broadest sense of the term, taking up in one the whole genus. Men are of certain ranks and grades, but Christ is without limit, save only that in Him was no sin.

The Overcoming Life and Other Sermons

Though a Jew, He bore no special national peculiarity, for Gentiles find in Him their next of kin. Now, if a typical man has overcome the world, then man has done it and man can be enabled to do it again! This inspires courage and vanishes despair. It was the mighty power of the Holy Spirit dwelling in Him by which Jesus overcame the world—and that same quiet power, if it dwells in us, will make us win the same victory by faith.

The arch enemy has been conquered by Man and our hearts may be comforted by the conviction that by God working in us, we, too, shall bruise Satan under our feet shortly! It is cheering to remember that wherein our Lord's was a special case, it is to our comfort, for He, as Man, entered into the conflict under serious disadvantages which we cannot labor under. He was weighted with a care unique and unexampled. Be our charge what it may, it cannot be comparable to His heavy burden as the Shepherd of Souls.

We think ourselves overburdened and speak of life as though it were rendered too stern a conflict by the load of our cares and responsibilities. But what comparison is there between our load and that of Jesus? A pastor with a great flock is not without his hourly anxieties, but what are those to the cares of the Chief Shepherd?

He watched over the great multitude which no man can number—who were committed to Him by the Father—and for these He carried all their grief! Here was a burden such as you and I, dear Friend, cannot even imagine! And yet, without laying aside the weight, He fought the world and overcame it! Let His name be praised and let His victory be the comfort of all that labor and are heavy la-dened—.

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Triumphant saints no honor claim— His conquest was His own. Dwight Lyman Moody — was born in Northfield, Mass. His father died soon after, and Moody was forced to work to support the family at an early age. It was at this church where his conversion took place. He moved to Chicago in , and after working as a successful Sunday-school teacher and building a membership of 1, pupils, the Illinois Street Church was formed. He then began his revival work, which would become his life-long endeavor.