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One of the truly differentiating aspects of CES technology that goes beyond its market applications in enhanced oil recovery and zero-emissions power plants is its tremendous and unparalleled fuel and product flexibility. CES combustors can be designed to being operated on a large variety of fuels, including those that are generally deemed uneconomic, marginal, or stranded. While currently concentrating on the commercialization of gaseous fuel resources, CES equipment has been demonstrated to run on liquid and even emulsified fuels. With CES technology solutions you can rethink on how to unlock resource value previously considered unattractive.

Our solutions let you assess resources beyond their conventional value and provide a unique opportunity when looking at:. The CES direct steam generation method the process of combining heat and steam generation inside the same vessel brings new perspectives to more conventional steam stimulation methods, such as cyclic steam stimulation CSS or steam flooding. Similar to its application in the steam-assisted gravity drainage SAGD in-situ recovery, the CES process allows for fundamental and systemically different approaches to steam generation in thermal recovery processes.

The G2S2 gas generator and steam separator process combines a water treatment component with efficient, stack-less, and near-zero emissions steam and CO2 generation. Unlike conventional boiler systems, CES processes are not limited to the pressure at which the resulting steam can efficiently be generated at the desired injection qualities, allowing you to target new frontiers of depths for heavy oil recovery in reservoirs that to-date were inaccessible for thermal treatment.

Unlocking Resource Value

With some of our partners we are specifically targeting those reservoirs that promise a positive response from the combination of the CO2 content in steam in reservoirs that are between conventional thermal recovery and typical miscible CO2 EOR reservoir depths. Zed A. Joshua Bloch.

Wes McKinney. Pierre-Yves Saumont Saumont. Francois Chollet.

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In addition to providing comprehensive coverage of HTML and CSS, this book does not require any prior knowledge on the subject and starts with the basics. Detailed explanations of key concepts and skills make even complex topics accessible to all level of learners. New Perspectives' signature case scenarios and case problems contextualize complex concepts. You can develop your problem solving skills by working through realistic exercises, which will help you retain the material and apply what you've learned in a professional environment.

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