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Robot Rights vs. Human Rights 6. Cyborg-Ableism beyond the Uncanny Valley 7. Books Digital Products Journals.

Disciplines Anthropology Cultural Anthropology Asian. About the Book Japan is arguably the first postindustrial society to embrace the prospect of human-robot coexistence. From Our Blog. The book will be of great interest to researchers working in these fields and will surely stimulate further work on the culture of robotics.

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Robertson is a gifted writer whose prose is fluid and free of jargon. Advanced undergraduate students and graduate students will encounter little difficulty in making their way through the text.

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They and other readers will be well rewarded for doing so. Robertson deftly shows readers that the anxieties about artificiality, doubling, and identity that haunt the figure of the robot in the so-called West do not animate robotics in Japan. DJ E Fin Squandrago.


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Robo Sapiens: Evolution of a New Species

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