The Adventures of Mycroft Holmes, Book 1: The Other Mr. Holmes

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The followers of Sherlock Holmes have been dredging through the life of their hero since he was first published in They wore black armbands when he was allegedly killed at the Reichenbach Falls and nagged his author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, to resurrect him in George R. Martin would probably sympathize. But Abdul-Jabbar has also had a long career as a bestselling writer, with multiple books to his credit and a regular column in Time magazine.

The victims were found on the beach with their blood drained. The only clue: backward-facing footprints in the sand — supposedly the work of the douen, spirits of unbaptized children who deliver their prey to a giant mosquito called the lougarou. Georgiana immediately returns to the island.

Mycroft and Cyrus follow to investigate the mystery. From the start, nothing goes as planned. Georgiana vanishes. Mycroft and Cyrus are attacked and poisoned. And in the Caribbean, they find a price on their heads. Other writers have matched Sherlock against H. But blaming the occult is a cheat and a dodge in the world of Mycroft Holmes: No matter how strange the facts might appear, he has faith that there is always a rational answer. I would love to win an original copy. Thanks for the opportunity. This sounds like a very interesting and fun new series and I look forward to reading it.

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Louis September 29, at pm. Jeff Quest September 29, at pm. Looking forward to reading this one! Deborah Dumm September 29, at pm. This sounds like a great book. Nancy Pate September 29, at pm. MitchellGlavas September 29, at pm. Charlee Griffith September 29, at pm. A must read!! Laurence Coven September 29, at pm. Joanne Mielczarski September 29, at pm. Lori P September 29, at pm.

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Robin L Coxon September 29, at pm. Pam Gibson September 29, at pm. Pgreen September 29, at pm. Sounds great! How deeply was Kareem involved in the research and writing process?

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Carl Ginger September 29, at pm. Sherry Schwabacher September 29, at pm. Tricia Blount September 29, at pm. I have always been a fan of Sherlock and Mycroft. I love their personalities and stories.

Joyce the bookaholic September 29, at pm. This sounds like a fantastic new take on Holmes. Sandra Brown September 29, at pm. Terry Letsche September 29, at pm.

Other Mr. Holmes, The

Susan Robinette September 29, at pm. I enjoy all things Sherlock, and am looking forward to reading this version of the canon. L September 29, at pm. What a great concept, to bring out a story focusing on Mycroft as the main character! Desmond Warzel September 29, at pm. Count me in, please!

Sue Alexander Devers September 29, at pm. This sounds like a fascinating book. I would love to win one. Thanks for the chance!!! Sue Devers September 29, at pm. Thank you for the chance to win—it sounds fascinating!!!

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Sally Winkleblech September 30, at am. Nick Graybeal September 30, at am.

Other Mr. Holmes, The by Sam Bonnamy

Louis Burklow September 30, at am. Tawney Mazek September 30, at am. Incidentally, does his more famous brother make an appearance in the book? Marjorie Manharth September 30, at pm. Would love to find out if Kareem can write as well as his other talents. Jane Schwarz September 30, at pm. Terps September 30, at pm.