The Herald Dream: An Approach to the Initial Dream in Psychotherapy

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Neuroimage 85, — Hutchinson, I. The role of REM sleep theta activity in emotional memory. Iaria, G. Neural activity of the anterior insula in emotional processing depends on the individuals' emotional susceptibility. Ioannides, A. MEG identifies dorsal medial brain activations during sleep. Neuroimage 44, — Ishii, R.

Emmy van Deurzen - Dream Work with Tessa - Part 1 of 3

Medial prefrontal cortex generates frontal midline theta rhythm. Neuroreport 10, — Jeurissen, D. Jin, J.

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Prefrontal-hippocampal interactions in memory and emotion. Joo, E. Cerebral perfusion abnormality in narcolepsy with cataplexy. Neuroimage 28, — Kahn, D. Dreaming as a function of chaos-like stochastic processes in the self-organizing brain. Nonlinear Dyn Psychol. Life Sci. Kaplan, A. Macrostructural EEG characterization based on nonparametric change point segmentation: application to sleep analysis.

Methods , 81— Kellner, R. Changes in chronic nightmares after one session of desensitization or rehearsal instructions. Kirov, R. REM sleep and dreaming functions beyond reductionism. The sleeping brain and the neural basis of emotions. Slow oscillation electrical brain stimulation during waking promotes EEG theta activity and memory encoding. Klimesch, W. Memory processes, brain oscillations and EEG synchronization. EEG alpha and theta oscillations reflect cognitive and memory performance: a review and analysis.

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Theta band power in the human scalp EEG and the encoding of new information. Neuroreport 7, — Theta synchronization and alpha desynchronization in a memory task. Psychophysiology 34, — Theta synchronization during episodic retrieval: neural correlates of conscious awareness. Koulack, D. Dream recall and dream recall failure: an arousal-retrieval model.

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Probing meanings in artistic and religious dream worlds

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Lee, J.

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Dream disturbed sleep in insomnia and narcolepsy. Lega, B. Human hippocampal theta oscillations and the formation of episodic memories. Hippocampus 22, — Legrand, D. What is self-specific? Theoretical investigation and critical review of neuroimaging results. Levin, R. Disturbed dreaming and emotion dysregulation. Disturbed dreaming, posttraumatic stress disorder, and affect distress: a review and neurocognitive model.

Pych Bull.

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Li, S. Prevalence and correlates of frequent nightmares: a community-based 2-phase study. Sleep 33, — Lisman, J. The theta-gamma neural code. Neuron 77, — Luo, Q. Theta band activity in response to emotional expressions and its relationship with gamma band activity as revealed by MEG and advanced beamformer source imaging. Maguire, E. Patterns of hippocampal-cortical interaction dissociate temporal lobe memory subsystems.

The Herald Dream An Approach to the Initial Dream in Psychotherapy

Hippocampus 10, — Malinowski, J. Evidence for the preferential incorporation of emotional waking-life experiences into dreams.

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Dreaming 24, 18— Mangiaruga, A. Spotlight on dream recall: the ages of dreams. Sleep 10, 1— Maquet, P. Functional neuroimaging of normal human sleep by positron emission tomography. Experience-dependent changes in changes in cerebral activation during human REM sleep. Functional neuroanatomy of human rapid eye movement sleep and dreaming. Nature , — Human cognition during REM sleep and the activity profile within frontal and parietal cortices: a reappraisal of functional neuroimaging data.

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