The Naughty Nun: Mother Superior Finds A Way

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How he managed to steal his way into the convent is hard to imagine - we made enough noise walking on the stone floors without wearing clumpy riding boots. And surely he couldn't have left his boots outside on the front door step where they might have been spotted by the Mother Superior doing her nightly rounds.

Perhaps he carried them in one hand, a candle in the other and a single stemmed red rose in his teeth. Afterwards she wrote " I am furiously jealous of all that gives you pleasure, and comes near to your heart and fancy in France.

I know not why I write to you. I perceive that you will only pity me, and I wish for none of your pity. I hate myself when I look back on all that I have sacrificed for you. I have lost my honour. I have exposed myself to the anger of my parents, to all the severity of the laws of this country against religious, and finally to your ingratitude, which has seemed to me the greatest of all my evils.

Oh dear.

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But the terrible romance lives on in The Letters of a Portuguese Nun, available free on line. According to one guidebook, the letters were the Fifty Shades of Grey of its day. But before anyone is tempted to rush off for the download, here's another sample. I am torn asunder by a thousand contrary emotions.

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Can a more deplorable state be imagined? I love you to distraction, and therefore I spare you sufficiently not to dare to wish that the same emotions would trouble you.

And so Mariana goes on. It makes for a pretty depressing read. But who knows, when they get round to the film they might be able to do something with it. Judy: "I must have had more wine than I thought last night.

Nun Too Holy

I blew up my air mattress and it was quite slobbery. Nunsploitation, along with nazisploitation , is a subgenre that ran a parallel course alongside women in prison films in the s and s. As with prison films, they are set in isolated, fortress-like convents where the all-female population turns to lesbianism and perversity.

The element of religious guilt allows for lurid depictions of "mortifying the flesh" such as self-flagellation and painful, masochistic rituals.

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The mother superior is usually a cruel and corrupt warden-like martinet who enforces strict discipline more opportunities for whippings and medieval-style punishments and often lusts after her female charges. An equally sadistic and lecherous priest is often included to add an element of masculine menace to the story. A recent act of nunsploitation in a film is in Robert Rodriguez ' Machete , where Lindsay Lohan portrays a gun-toting nun. Agatha Among other examples of exploitation cinema in Europe over the last sixty years, nunsploitation genre movies are discussed in Mendik and Mathij's recent overview volume on this general trend within regional cinema genres, cultures, and audience consumption.

Huxley based his original historical account, The Devils of Loudun , on a reported case of mass hysteria and demonic possession that allegedly took place at a French convent in the seventeenth century.

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Given that the genre was the product of the sixties and seventies, with an occasional contemporary example like the recent Sacred Flesh , there has been little further resort to possible historical source material, like Aelred of Hexham — and his account of the Nun of Watton , for example. Another example might be the life of sister Benedetta Carlini , a 17th-century Italian lesbian nun.

nuns nuns nuns

Twenty years ago [ when? In , Craig Monson wrote Nuns Behaving Badly , which dealt with the social and sexual lives of religious women in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Italy, but such work remains rare. Catholic nun exploitation films have been a subgenre of Japanese exploitation film since at least the early s. Though Christianity was never a dominant religion in Japan, Japan did encounter Christian missionaries. By taking a minority religion as their subject, it has been suggested that these "shockingly perverse and wildly blasphemous" Catholic nun films are "a way of thumbing one's nose at organized religion without attacking the more sacred beliefs of the general society".

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