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I tried calling the Hayward branch on Mission Blvd.

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On hold for approximately 20 minutes. Finally gave up. I was up there today and I noticed that both of the side ATMs were gone I was wondering if they are being replaced or if they got stolen or something. I hope this gets to Erika! Yazmina Silva helped me today at the Delancy location and went above and beyond to answer my questions. Thanks for your time AMC.

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I have an with your bank and i am trying to make a deposit thru my local bank here in the philippines. Before i can make a telgraphic transfer which i often do. The bank requires a swift code so they can wire the money. Can you please email to me the swift code? Many thanks. Pls help me. Horrible bank!!!!!! No stars!!!! A child???!

I don't know why I keep going back to this bank, as historically it always has a long line for a teller. Today, in fact, there was only one teller, who at some point needed to spend a lot of time with a customer, which I understand. But what I don't understand is why they only have one teller, especially with a long waiting line. And, to make matters worse, no one seems to care. Specifically, when I went to talk with the manager Mr.

Abraham , he just shrugged it off and said in a very disrespectful manner, "It won't get any better - there's only one teller. I was thinking that someone in the bank could have, at the time when all the customers were getting quite anxious and wondering what was going on, come out to the lobby and explain the situation - you know, some PR A very disgruntled customer!

Need more tellers! Always one real teller and then two teller automatic machines, but you still have to wait at those sometimes.

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Needs at least one more teller during the busy hours from lunch to closing. I am interested in knowing and getting the permanent address of this bank. Thank you for your co-operation. The brunette teller is one of the most condescending people I've ever seen in customer service. Every time I go in there she has something snarky and rude to say to me or another customer.

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  7. It's like it's impossible for her to say anything without it being insulting. Next time I'm going straight to the manager to complain right in front of her face. Enough is enough. Maybe she shouldn't working with the public. She's clearly not happy with her job. Very nice branch. Internal settings are nice. Staffs are warm and helpful. Strongly recommended.

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    Staffs had attitude. The teller was very unfriendly and seemed to be annoyed that I had more than one transaction. I usually receive an email about my experience and for this date I didn't receive an email. I haven't had this type of interaction previously with Bank of America so I was a little taken back and felt I should contact the bank to make you aware.

    This is very disturbing to me. Totally incompetent staff, clearly no training and their "experts" don't have a clue about the services they offer. On top of that twice this year I travelled to Europe and put notices on my accounts and both times my cards didn't work and were cancelled leaving me stranded in Europe. This may be a big bank but they are simply incompetent, under-trained buffoons. I will be relocating my accounts to a bank that both cares and has competent staff.

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    Terrible experience - I was unable to communicate by phone with the branch on Route in Willingboro, NJ to find out the status of my safe deposit box rental payments. The phone number was not made available to me. I live in Florida, and I am unable to travel to NJ to find the response to simple questions like, "Is my rental payment up to date? If it is not, what is owing? I do not want to receive a message that my box has been emptied! Ruby, T. Bell, EdD. I have called your location for the last 30 minutes and can not get a human being to answer any phone during normal business hours.

    I am so frustrated with your lack of availability to just take my call.

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    Horrible customer service. I got a phone call about a meeting tomorrow at the Prince Frederick branch. I won't be making it but there was no option on the phone or online to let you know. That needs to change. There should be a number or e-mail to let you know when someone can't make it so people can be responsible! Crap service here. I went in just now to cancel my lost debit card and when I told my situation to the teller he laughed at me. I sat down to see a banker and after 10 min or so bankers came out to help the other clients who arrived after me.

    When I expressed that I was First I was ignored by the banker. Waked out. Excellent service and wonderful tellers. No advance notice given depositors. Cannot get a live person to talk to today.

    I need to speak with an agent today. Not very good customer service. Everyone at this branch in Apollo Beach works very hard to do an excellent job and are always welcoming. My complaint is the way the parking lot is being painted. Sounds silly unless you understand my logic.

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    A handicapped person would use the drive through ATM-or want a space at the entrance door. Instead the handicapped spaces are in front of the walk up ATM and so they would have to walk further to go into the bank. I, on the other hand, am 70, use the walk up ATM predominantly, and have to now walk further--all the time. Do you want me to come inside? Use the drive through? What behavior are you pushing? I am writing to ask the name of the manager at the Bank of America branch in Brighton Michigan.

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    A wonderful employee named Ursala went above and beyond to assist me last summer. I have had four surgeries over the summer. Ursala was kind enough to come out to the car to check me and my ID to complete a transaction that normally clients must come in to the bank to complete.

    I was ever so grateful to her as walking following my surgeries caused me great distress. I would like to send a letter to the manager regarding my appreciation of her assistance. I just don't know to whom to address the letter. Please advise me. Kathleen Cartwright My email address is included.

    Kudos to Ms. Darlean Brewer!! I've had the pleasure of working with Ms Brewer several times, and her professionalism goes above and beyond. Too often we write or call because of problems, but never to give a compliment. I'm here to tell you that Ms. Brewer is an asset to Bank of America, not only for her professionalism, but also because of her overall attitude.